Bangladesh Itihash Parishad

Bangladesh Itihas Parisad: Promoting Historical Publications in Bengali

November 8, 2023 | by

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Bangladesh Itihas Parisad, formed in 1966, holds the distinction of being the first historical association in Bangladesh. With the aim of promoting historical publications written in Bengali, this organization has played a significant role in preserving and disseminating the rich history of Bangladesh.

One of the primary objectives of Bangladesh Itihas Parisad is to organize conferences and seminars on the history of Bangladesh. These events serve as platforms for scholars, researchers, and history enthusiasts to exchange ideas, discuss new findings, and shed light on various aspects of the country’s past.

Another important role played by Bangladesh Itihas Parisad is recognizing and honoring outstanding works of history. The organization awards the best-published works in the field, encouraging historians and writers to contribute to the understanding and documentation of Bangladesh’s history.

Over the years, Bangladesh Itihas Parisad has grown in prominence and currently boasts a membership of 33 individuals. These members, consisting of historians, researchers, and academics, form a diverse and dedicated community committed to the study and preservation of Bangladesh’s historical heritage.


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